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Oval Tube forming machine

  • Oval Tube forming machine
  • Oval Tube forming machine
Model No.︰ATM-F3100
Brand Name︰ATM,MTUBE
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Oval Tube forming machine

Where space limitations prevent the use of round spiral duct, Oval tube is the answer.
Main advantages of oval tube
Better air flow Fewer hangers
Lighter weight Joints easier to seal
Easier to install Often requires less space
Longer length between joints Aesthetically pleasing
Very good lock seam, without leakage Fewer or no joints
1 produced by full-automatic, clean and dustless
2 the leakage rate is extremely low. only 0.02
3 the lock seam is tight , the inner lock seam is smooth and leak less; the lock seam also has the reinforcement function
4 the structure is of high intensity, good rigidity, avoiding second noises
5 longer continuous length; good coherent in tube size, easy &convenient for noises
6small occupying space in height , suitable for the buildings of insufficient layer height

Main technical data
Max Sheet Thickness 1.2mm
Max. Tube Length 3100mm
Easier to install 330~1500mm
Size of flat oval 150/400mm~500/1550mm
Motor Power 22kW, 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Dimension 5500 x 1200 x 1300mm
weight 3300kg
Compare between oval duct and rectangular duct
In same acreage, girth of rectangular is about 20% more than that of oval, e.g., rectangular needs more materials and so the cost is higher.
Media flows in oval duct is stable, vortex is not so easily occurred.
When media flows in rectangular duct, resistance is high ;is easily occurred.
2 Wet acreage
Acreage of oval S=3.14×1/2×2×0.5×0.5=1m2
Perimeter of oval=3.14×[1.5×(1+0.25)-㏒(1×0.25)]=4m
Section acreage of rectangles=2×0.5=1m2
Girth of elipseL=(2+0.5) ×=5m

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Our main products:spiral tube forming machine,flexible duct forming machine,auto roof forming machine,riveting machine,Pittsburgh seam lock machine.Hydraulic section steel bending machine,metal sheet flange forming machine,TDF hydraulic folder,auto cutting to length line,pipe bending machine,FN seam welder,notching and shearing machine.
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Please contant us at any time available for you,if you want for more details.
Add:Building D,299 Tangming Road,Lita Hui,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China
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